City on the crest of a wave


Our cities are presently undergoing profound transformations. Their borders are expanding, their populations are growing, and the problems that need to be solved are becoming more and more complex. In this context, design ourishes, and new innovative solutions are emerging.


The City on the Crest of a Wave exhibition took place between 30th of June and 9th of July 2017 during Gdynia Design Days. It presented interesting designs tied to various urban issues, contributing to the renewal of the city. You will be able to see the technical facilities which help you live in a city and enjoy it on a daily basis. At the same time, we will be introducing the notion of social relations between citizens, along with questions about what the city and its people can give each other. During the exhibition, innovative approaches to pollution and waste management will be presented, as well as new trends in bringing more greenery to the urban landscape.


All these new solutions, the joint effort and greater openness of citizens can contribute to making our cities ride the crest of a wave once again – to grow and develop in a thoughtful way, creating a friendly and supportive environment for us to live in.