• Alphabet Playground



    An indoor playground in Arkadia Shopping Mall in Warsaw, Poland


  • Fashion Happens



    Fashion Happens turns shopping mall into interactive fashion, art, and design space


  • City on the crest of a wave



    Curation of the exhibition City on the crest of a wave


  • Lamala



    Pop-up bookstore for Plac Unii City Shopping Mall


  • Geometric Gardens



    Artistic playground for Den Hertogschool in The Hague


  • Intersections in Gdynia



    Permanent installation on the seaside boulevard in Gdynia, Poland


  • Intersections for Neleman City Winery



    Intersections as part of interior design of Neleman City Winery


  • Intersections - Emerging Geometry



    Installation on Kongens Nytorv square in Copenhagen


  • Exhibition Retrieved - Curation



    Curation of the exhibition Retrieved


  • stairway



    Site specific installation in Copenhagen




    Flexible installation inspired by geometry

  • leaning bench



    A wooden bench exploring the notion of balance

  • INTERSECTIONS at eindhoven airport



    Sculptural geometric public space installation

  • SHADOW city



    Public art installation in Copenhagen, Denmark

  • waiting rooms



    Temporary taxi stops. Site-specific installation in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • Tulip-mania



    Scenography for the Boekenbal (Book Ball) in Stadsschouwburg Theatre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Polish Design - Curation



    Curation of the exhibition Polish Design: in the Middle of

  • Shadow messages #2



    Public art installation at Eindhoven railway station, The Netherlands

  • Waiting Spot



    Temporary taxi stop. Site-specific installation in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • WANTED: Brains and Creativity - curation



    Curation of the exhibition WANTED: Brains and Creativity




    Concept for a public space intervention with shadows