Intersections is an open and versatile furniture collection consisting of several geometric modules that can be freely rearranged.


As each shape slides into the other, like two combs, form and colour meet and interweave.

Together the modules create sculptural installations or furniture that can have a variety of functions.

Intersections can function as a place to sit and relax, a place for spontaneous play, as a system to store and display objects, and many more.


Download the catalog here.




Materials: Beech wood


Opaque matte coating



Modules are available in 20 standard colors.
Other colors are available on request.



8 basic modules.
Special modules can be created on request. 

Custom installations:




We happily design unique, custom made installations. Form and colors of the installation can be chosen specifically for the project in collaboration with the client.




Production lead time takes about 4-5 weeks.



On request






Intersections create friendly and uplifting meeting spaces. They usually remain filled with people performing all sorts of actions.

The installations attract people and invite to sit, relax, search for the best position. People can use Intersections as a meeting spot, a space for sitting, waiting, chatting.




Children are truly in love with Intersections and claim the work as their personal playground. They find the colorful installation really appealing, enjoy climbing up and through the elements.

The work is very open and provides endless possibilities for creative play. Everything is up to child’s imagination.




Intersections provide great opportunities for storing and displaying objects. Products can be placed inside or on top of the modules. There is a possibility to create custom made shelves or rails.